DIARGE is a stationary brand of base metal men's portable goods, mainly brass and stainless steel. After majoring in Sociology at University, DIARGE was founded in 2012 Taito Ward by Shimizu Hirofumi who acquired a career as a MD (merchandiser) at a shoe planning wholesale company, He acquired a skill as a shoe maker and started a collection of men’s shoes and men's portable goods.


Chasing Shoehorn, was fascinated by the texture of base metal such as brass, which applied a process of "embossment" of a Japanese traditional technique had a big public response and established support as the excellent men's portable goods brand with excellent texture in Japan. As of September 2018, there are approximately 130 concept shops in Japan, and 20 retail stores overseas.


Taito Ward in which DIARGE is based, has the smallest total area of the 23 wards of Tokyo, but it has a prosperous large downtown area called Ueno and Asakusa, and the production of leather, shoes, shoes, bags, accessories, metal accessories, etc.

In the old days since the Edo era, as a center of commerce and industry, the population and industries have gathered highly, and it has developed as a small agricultural industry and manufacturing industry and a wholesale industry where these distributors are gathered. Industry in Taito Ward is directly connected with traditional commercial areas such as Nihonbashi and Ginza, and it is distinctive in that it has in-house industrial properties supported by communities close to work and proximity.


In Taito Ward with such historical background, it is easy to procure materials and parts such as brass and leather, craftsmen who are involved in processing are nearby, flexible base material products and leather products with high quality and rich texture are planned flexibly · Manufacturing is the basis of DIARGE's product competitiveness.


We want to enrich the lifestyles of people around the world by inheriting the craftsmanship and technology cultivated by Japan craftsmen and providing products based on the sensibility and intrinsic value of the DIARGE cultivated in Tokyo.








                                                                di + argentum = DIARGE

                                                     di-(English prefix)two、double、twice as much


Multiply and buried resources that are unevenly distributed in the world, creating new value

Like silver, which is easy to change chemical and can enjoy the change, it provides a product that is familiar with the user's life and changes to each value in the process of using it.

















We promise to make a difference to everyone who is DIARGE, used, and presented with a feeling.